What is a Vitortarian?

Uhhh, its a word I made up. No word out there describes how I live my life, so I created one.

Yes, I’m a vegan. I’m also gluten, corn, sugar, potato, peanut, and tomato intolerant. I strive to eat a whole foods, plant based diet (I’m no junk food vegan). I think the order in which we eat our food, the time we take to eat, our level of stress while eating, and our thought processes are just as important as what we eat. I try to eat mostly alkaline plant foods and stay away from ingredients I can’t identify. I do yoga, meditate, and work out in ways I enjoy.

I’m also far from perfect. I booze it up on occasion. I cheat on weekends. I indulge in raw vegan desserts sometimes. I’ve learned that the more stress you are under to be perfect, the crappier you feel on a regular basis.

A Vitortarian is anyone who eats and lives with compassion, consciousness and childlike joy, free from the toxicity of our world and rigid perfectionism. It’s finding out what works for you and your body. It is the way that I’ve learned to get myself healthy and how I believe other people can get healthy too.

It may be a made-up word, but the state of mind is anything but.

Vitort is my last name by the way. That might have been good to mention.


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