Miraculous shifts cause miraculous opportunities: A “May Cause Miracles” Case Study

From the moment Gabrielle Bernstein announced pre-sale for her new book, May Cause Miracles, I knew I had to buy it. Little did I know at the time that this book would have life-changing side effects.

I’m one of those people who’s always looking at things to spend money on, but never actually pulls the trigger. Be it books, workout programs, or basically anything that could potentially improve my life…I just have a hard time committing. But this book was different for some reason. Clearly, something bigger than myself was intervening.

I’ll admit, the first week was rough. I’d done Gabby’s meditations pretty frequently, but as soon as I started MCM, I felt blocked. I was down on myself for being unable to open up to this practice. But I worked to forgive myself for getting discouraged and forged forward even though I felt no miraculous shifts. Looking back, I realize that my willingness to trust the practice was a miraculous shift.


Before I continue, I want to give a little back story. It’s been my dream, as my readers are well aware, to travel the world. I have a desire to experience other cultures that is so intense, I know the idea stems from a divine purpose. I’ve felt for a long time that I won’t be able to figure out I want to do with my life until I’ve spent a good amount of time traveling. In September, I broke things off with my boyfriend of a year and a half because I didn’t feel that his life plan aligned with my dream to travel, and decided then and there that I’d start saving for a solo tour of South America. I even picked a departure date: May 15th, 2013.

And then I freaked out.

Could I really travel to a continent I’d never been to, where they speak a language I don’t understand, and put myself in a potentially dangerous situation by being alone? All the potential problems with this plan became glaringly obvious, and suddenly I felt uncertain about the one thing I’ve always felt certain about.

This freak out was smack dab in the middle of Week 1 of May Cause Miracles.

When I start to doubt myself (which generally happens if I’m left alone to think for too long), my uber-social nature kicks in and I unload in the best way I know how: I call a friend. One of my best friends, Tiffany, has been through all the trip-related ups and downs with me since before my breakup and has remained confident that traveling is truly my purpose, so she seemed like the best person for the job. She suggested that I look into signing up for some kind of structured program that allowed me to have a place to land and get my bearings before I went off on my own. Coincidentally, my roommate, also one of my closest friends, offered the same advice. But all I really felt after talking to them was frustration. How on God’s green Earth was I going to find such a thing, and if I did, how was I supposed to know what potential program was right for me?

Week 2 of MCM came, and I felt myself open up a little more. I cultivated self love and forgave myself for all the uncertainty I was feeling. I took some time off trip planning and focused on other things I love. I spent my weekend honing my country swing dancing skills, spending time with family, going out on the town with some of my favorite people and watching football. It was truly one of the best weekends I’d had in a long, long time, and I was overwhelmingly grateful to the point of feeling giddy come Sunday evening for this amazing life I’ve been given.

And that night, my prayers were answered. My path was illuminated, and my certainty returned full-force.

My aunt, who was in town for the weekend, is a doctor, and she has spent the last few years traveling the world volunteering with Project Hope, a Navy-based organization that provides medical relief to countries in need. At Sunday dinner, it was clear that she’d been talking to my parents about my impending trip; I know they too have been worried about the lack of structure in my travel plans. She mentioned that Project Hope needed a photojournalist for their next trip in none other than Central and South America. I’m a blogger, Broadcast Journalism major and current public relations professional, so the opportunity couldn’t have been more perfect. If selected, I’d be fulfilling my traveling dream, feeding my altruistic spirit and doing a job that fits my skill set and allows me to build my resume while I take a hiatus from the working world. And, the trip departs at the end of May, perfectly aligning with the date I’d set in my head. There are no coincidences. This opportunity was made for me.

My application is out in the world, but I won’t hear if I’ve been selected for at least another month and a half. So technically, this story’s happy ending is still pending. But that’s kind of the point isn’t it? I already feel as though I have my happy ending, or, more appropriately, my new beginning. I wake up each morning energized and excited, knowing that what I desire is on its way. And it has made me more confident that the same will happen in other areas of my life, especially as I continue on the May Cause Miracles journey.

So here’s to life’s synchronicities, to trusting God’s plan for our lives, and to living the life we dream of not once it arrives, but today and every day. Thank you Gabrielle, for teaching me the meaning of miracles.