Got Behind, Big Shocker

So it turns out blogging every day of my cleanse was a little more difficult than I’d expected. I guess technically I’m on day 12 of the cleanse, but during this whole process I’ve restructured and changed things here and there, so it’s turning into something else entirely.

For starters, I will not go a whole 21 days, mainly because Joe and I will be in Bellingham and Seattle this weekend and I’m afriad that a liquid only diet will be too hard to maintain away from home. Which basically means I have to start adding solid food back in before we go, so I don’t completely shock my system.

I also decided to go juice only for a few days. I started yesterday, so I’m halfway through day 2. What I can’t decide is how long to go for. Normally, I’d try at least a week, but seeing as I’ve already been cleansing for so long, I don’t know how much more cleansing my body requires at this point. It’s all very confusing. As of now, I think I’ll juice until dinner tomorrow night, adding back a smoothie or blended soup for dinner.

What I really want to blog about today, though, is our culture’s views and norms that surround eating. From day one of this cleanse, Joe was complaining about feeling anti social since he couldn’t drink booze or eat out at restaurants. I suggested we go out just to spend time with our friends, without eating, but he responded with “I don’t want to look weird, I want to be able to eat like everyone else.”

That comment really got me thinking. What have we come to if we can’t even enjoy a social event without putting something in our mouths? We go to happy hour for drinks after work. We grab lunch or coffee to catch up with a friend. I’m just as guilty as the next person of relying on food and alcohol to entertain me, to serve as a buffer between me and another person so we don’t have to awkwardly agree on a different activity. Do I want to be stuck in this trap? My boyfriend would tell me its just normal, its what people do. But look where normal has gotten us…Americans are notoriously fat and sick.

Yes, I will agree that it sucks not being able to eat at my favorite restaurants or even cook from scratch with another couple. I don’t think that using food as a way to interact with others is a bad thing to do, I just don’t think it should be the only option.

So I’d really like to make it a goal to do things with my friends that don’t involve eating or drinking. Taking walks and hikes, going shopping, volunteering, whatever. Just something that allows me to connect with others without shoving anything into my mouth. And when I do socialize while eating or drinking, I want to slow down, enjoy my food consciously, and focus on the connection I’m making with that other person, rather than eating to avoid deep conversation.

I challenge you to take this step with me. Let’s make a world where we don’t worry so dang much about food, and hopefully learn to truly enjoy and value food as a result.



After a summer of indulgence and incessant stomach issues, I’ve decided to give my body a rest. Time for a cleanse!

I’ve done cleanses/detoxes before, but this one is going to be quite a bit different. It’s longer for one, and it will be all liquid (smoothies and juices). It is supposed to somewhat mirror Alejandro Junger’s “Clean” 21-day cleanse, minus the solid food part. My natropath doesn’t think lots of raw veggies are good for my stomach right now, at least until it heals.

Unlike past cleanses, this one doesn’t seem nearly as daunting to me…I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe because I already juice on a regular basis, so it isn’t as much of a shock to my system. Or maybe because I know I really need it.

After a round of antibiotics for H. Pylori (the bacteria that causes ulcers), and some natropathic remedies, my stomach is finally starting to improve. I’m in no way healed, but I finally have a natropath that I feel confident in and with his help and the help of this cleanse, I think the vitality I’m craving is within my reach. The best news is, if I get my GI system healed, some of my food senstivities may go away, if not all (except wheat of course). How amazing would that be?? Not like I eat a lot of that stuff on a regular basis, but it would take away so much stress not to have to worry about it!

For the last few days, I’ve followed the “Clean” cleanse with my boyfriend, Joe, which means I’ve still been eating solid, elimination diet meals at lunch, but having juice in the morning and a smoothie in the evening. Joe is struggling so far, and he’s way cranky. I, on the other hand, am ready for something a bit more challenging. I think my body is begging me for this well-deserved rest.

So, starting tomorrow, I go liquid-only. I’ll be having juice in the morning and as an afternoon snack, and smoothies or blended soups for lunch and dinner. I’ll be sharing my recipes here, they aren’t just for cleanses! Use them for meals, snacks, whatever you want them to be but I promise they’ll be delicious! I’ll also be taking this time to do a spiritual/emotional cleanse as well by incorporating meditation, journaling, ranting on the blog, etc. And more than anything, I’m just going to give myself some love! I’m so hard on myself about EVERYTHING and it’s just not necessary or right! I have so much to be grateful for, and I hope to make those things the focal point of this journey to wellness.

Stay tuned! I may even begin posting videos 🙂