Day 5

After taking a momentary lapse in the cleanse to fully enjoy VegFest, I decided Monday would be a juice-till-dinner day, rather than having a smoothie at lunch.

So, my lease on my apartment is up September 30th, which means both my roommate and I are looking for new spots to live. I haven’t had much luck, but Cori, my roommate, already moved into her new place, leaving me with pretty much nothing. The couches, TV, coffee and end tables, and most of the dishes were hers. So I have a kitchen table, a computer desk, and a wide open space in my living room. Which for the most part is extremely depressing. Unless you have a hula hoop!

For a workout, I put that little baby to work! Prancing around my empty apartment to upbeat top 40 cuts, swinging a hula hoop around my waist, was ridiculously fun. I did it for a half hour straight, which left me sweating, my abs burning, and my energy better than it’s been all week! So hey, when life gives you a sad empty apartment…make lemonade!

The best part is, that wasn’t even the highlight of my day!

This was:


That’s right, Joe got a kitten! He’s probably the coolest kitten ever too because he’s extremely social and cuddly, but also super playful. 2 months old…is that not just the sweetest thing?

It’s pretty easy to forget your hunger when there is a baby animal to play with. Joe and I didn’t end up having our dinner smoothies until like 8:30, sucking them down quickly while watching the little bugger go.

I think these little joys are what will really help this cleanse improve my life. There’s only so much that can be said for the actual physiology of it, a lot of your success depends on what you do emotionally and spiritually to support cleansing. Laughing, giving your love to other people and animals, moving your body, meditating…that’s the stuff of life, not food (or juice, whatever).

Cleanse your soul people, in addition to your body. After all, the soul is all that will be left in the end.



After a summer of indulgence and incessant stomach issues, I’ve decided to give my body a rest. Time for a cleanse!

I’ve done cleanses/detoxes before, but this one is going to be quite a bit different. It’s longer for one, and it will be all liquid (smoothies and juices). It is supposed to somewhat mirror Alejandro Junger’s “Clean” 21-day cleanse, minus the solid food part. My natropath doesn’t think lots of raw veggies are good for my stomach right now, at least until it heals.

Unlike past cleanses, this one doesn’t seem nearly as daunting to me…I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe because I already juice on a regular basis, so it isn’t as much of a shock to my system. Or maybe because I know I really need it.

After a round of antibiotics for H. Pylori (the bacteria that causes ulcers), and some natropathic remedies, my stomach is finally starting to improve. I’m in no way healed, but I finally have a natropath that I feel confident in and with his help and the help of this cleanse, I think the vitality I’m craving is within my reach. The best news is, if I get my GI system healed, some of my food senstivities may go away, if not all (except wheat of course). How amazing would that be?? Not like I eat a lot of that stuff on a regular basis, but it would take away so much stress not to have to worry about it!

For the last few days, I’ve followed the “Clean” cleanse with my boyfriend, Joe, which means I’ve still been eating solid, elimination diet meals at lunch, but having juice in the morning and a smoothie in the evening. Joe is struggling so far, and he’s way cranky. I, on the other hand, am ready for something a bit more challenging. I think my body is begging me for this well-deserved rest.

So, starting tomorrow, I go liquid-only. I’ll be having juice in the morning and as an afternoon snack, and smoothies or blended soups for lunch and dinner. I’ll be sharing my recipes here, they aren’t just for cleanses! Use them for meals, snacks, whatever you want them to be but I promise they’ll be delicious! I’ll also be taking this time to do a spiritual/emotional cleanse as well by incorporating meditation, journaling, ranting on the blog, etc. And more than anything, I’m just going to give myself some love! I’m so hard on myself about EVERYTHING and it’s just not necessary or right! I have so much to be grateful for, and I hope to make those things the focal point of this journey to wellness.

Stay tuned! I may even begin posting videos 🙂